Giving Back: Fire Department Flag Donation

Giving Back: Fire Department Flag Donation

On Thursday 5/7/20, we had the privilege of presenting one of our Torched Flags to a great group of first responders at Casa Grande Fire Station #504

We have been busier than ever fulfilling orders for our amazing customers, and when we crossed paths with a member of the crew, we knew we wanted to make them something special for their station to thank them for all their hard work.

The flag we presented was one of our custom 37″ flags, complete with a Maltese cross and their station number. We went with the black design and red stripe that symbolizes respect and appreciation for all they do.

Along with the flag, we brought over several packs of our ear-loop mask extenders that we have had in production over the past few weeks.

When our machines are not running for flag orders, we are still putting them to use and now making products to help the community.

The purpose of these mask extenders is to prevent the ear-loop straps from becoming uncomfortable when worn around the ears for long periods.

The extension provides notches for the loops to attach to on the back of the head, allowing the elastic to remain off the ear.

For more information on the mask extensions, check out the website:

As always, we appreciate every one of you, and thank you for your continued support in our small business.

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