A History in the Making

A History in the Making

As a family operated business, there is, of course, some family history.

Torched Flags has many people hard at work behind the scenes.

Our company may still be in its early beginnings, but our skills, passion, and desire to make a difference have been decades in the making.

Brian, an entrepreneur and the creative talent behind the CNC programming and craftsmanship. He has been in the manufacturing industry for over 39 years.

He brings a diverse set of skills to the workshop that also includes sales, marketing, and engineering. When he’s not building aerospace parts for the rocket industry, you will find him in the workshop. Whether its rocket parts or torched flags, he will be putting in the same attention to detail.

Working alongside Brian, you will find Carl.

A tech enthusiast with a passion for putting his critical thinking skills to the test.

He is currently working in higher education as a full-stack software engineer.
Being in software development, he understands the struggles people face when things don’t go smoothly. He hopes to eliminate those challenges and provide a seamless customer experience.

Carl is also involved in the initial stages of the product development process.
From cutting and sanding to staining and torching, he constantly challenges himself to find new ways to approach problems.

While both Brian and Carl are very hands-on with the products, there is a tremendous amount of feedback and guidance from their families. Their support plays a huge role in making this family business successful.

Whether you speak to them in person when picking up your flag, or engage with them through social media to answer your questions, you will receive the same amount of attention, care, and respect that they show to their own family.

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